TSV thermosensitive resorbable gel


Thermosensitive resorbable gel for stabilization of bone grafts

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- The purpose of this product is to provide mechanical stability to bone substitutes and membranes.

- Osteobiol TSV Gel is sterilized with Gamma radiation and is radiolucent.

- It contains type I and III heterologous collagen gel with polyunsaturated fatty acids diluted in aqueous solution, containing a biocompatible synthetic copolymer, which provides Osteobiol TSV Gel with thermo-reversible and thermo-gelling properties.

- At low temperatures (+4C) the gel is relatively fluid and easy to mix and manipulate with the graft, but becomes much more viscous when it reaches the situs and reaches human body temperature.



Partial biopsy showing new bone formed around a particle of Osteobiol Gen-Os mixed with Osteobiol TSV Gel, two weeks after grafting, in rabbit. Hematoxylin-eosin.

Source: Prof. Ulf Nannmark, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


The graph shows the effect of temperature change on 3 samples of Osteobiol TSV Gel. As the temperature increases from 0C (1C/min), the viscosity of the gel reaches its minimum at 4C. After that it increases rapidly until it stabilizes at 13C. At room and body temperature Osteobiol TSV Gel is like a gel. It does not harden, but retains a soft consistency that allows mixing with Gen-Os granules. Due to the hydrophilic properties of Gen-Os, the mixture becomes a sticky and stable conglomerate, which can be easily placed in the bone defect. Osteobiol TSV Gel is biocompatible and resorbable.



Osteobiol TSV Gel should be refrigerated for at least 20 minutes at +4C prior to use to reach the low viscosity (LV) phase, which simplifies mixing with Osteobiol Gen-Os or application to Osteobiol membranes. It will result in a sticky mixture that is easy to position and very stable once placed in the site.

Osteobiol TSV Gel can also be applied to the rough surface of the Osteobiol Evolution membrane to stabilize it during graft coverage and suturing.


Overview of clinical indications: Osteobiol TSV Gel can be used in GBR procedures in conjunction with Osteobiol bone substitutes and membranes to increase graft stability. The viscosity achieved by Osteobiol TSV Gel at human body temperature significantly improves the stability of Gen-Os granules and is a benefit in cases with little bone support around the defect (e.g. lateral augmentation, alveoli without a buccal wall, dehiscences and one or two wall periodontal defects).

In addition the vascularity of Osteobiol TSV Gel increases the stability and handling of the Evolution membranes, especially in the delicate lamella closure phase. Osteobiol TSV Gel can also be used as a healing agent for the treatment of skin and mucosal lesions.



Heterologous collagen gel type I and III

Biocompatible thermogelling synthetic copolymer

Physical form

Low viscosity (LV) phase below 8C

Gel viscosity at 13C

Presentation: syringe: 0.5 cc

Used together with Osteobiol Gen-Os 0.5 g, 1.0 g granules

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