Demi Plus Kerr light-curing lamp


LED light-curing lamp

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Demi Plus, backed by Demetron Technology, represents a generation of premium light curing lamps. It combines sophisticated technology with an innovative design that enhances performance and ensures efficient light-curing, allowing the clinician to focus on what's really important - treatment.



True 5-second light curing

Pulsed Light Cure (PLS) technology allows 5-second light-curing of A3 or lighter shade composites.

Uninterrupted operation

The silent fan and unique temperature control system keeps the lamp at the optimum temperature for uninterrupted operation. Extends lamp life.


Advanced battery technology

The lithium-ion battery technology can provide 300 light-curing cycles of 10 seconds per charge.


Ergonomic design, light weight

Multiple options reduce hand and arm strain


Exterior: Valox plastic. The exterior of the Demi Plus is made from Valox, a high-performance thermoplastic polyester resin that has been tested in the consumer world and offers multiple benefits. Derived 85% from post-consumer plastic, the lightweight yet extremely durable material is chemical and impact resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Inside: PLS Demi Plus technology uses the power of "periodic power boost" or PLS technology, varying the power intensity from 1100 mW/cm2 to a maximum intensity of 1330mW/cm2 several times during the light-curing cycle at a wavelength of 450 - 470 nm.PLS provides a strong and continuous light to ensure a true 5-second light cure without generating excess heat.New:- Extended Light Guide - +28% additional length The 8mm Extended Turbo Light Guide allows for superior applications due to improved access for posterior area procedures.

- Improved Handpiece Design The exterior is made of Valox resin, a high performance plastic that will protect and extend the life of the lamp.

- Advanced battery design The positive contact charger ensures a perfect fit between the handpiece contacts and the charger, and the fully lined contacts prevent corrosion over time, ensuring adequate power for every procedure.


Demi Plus package contains: handpiece, 8mm Turbo Extended Light Guide, lithium-ion battery, battery charger, transformer, photo shield

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