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Alumina fibre for polishing and cleaning

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Alumina fibres are a state-of-the-art material. Noritake has collaborated with one of Japan's leading universities to develop an alumina fibre-based polishing material. Noritake Meister Finish is a world first, the first polishing utensil made from this space age material.


1. The material has a very high density, so it polishes very well.

2. Meister Finish does not scratch the restoration surface as most polishing tools do, allowing for finer surfaces.

3. The surface of the tip does not curl.

4. The alumina fibres are interlaced and divergently arranged to create a solid structure that does not fracture or chip.

5. They heat up quite slowly during use.

1. Dental fossae on the occlusal face of metal restorations: to obtain more rounded anatomical shapes before final polishing. You can sharpen the tip on a diamond abrasive surface (photo 1, 2).

2. On the inner face of metal-ceramic or all-metal restorations: to remove additions and fit the adjustment.

3. Surface of the access hole of a crown on an implant: for removing the additions and enlarging the hole. Using a diamond abrasive surface the diameter of the instrument can be adjusted to match the diameter of the hole.

4. Metal collar: for cleaning.

5. RCR dental face: for removing additions.

Available versions:

brown - coarse texture

blue - medium texture

red - fine texture

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