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One-Step Plus 6ml


5th generation, universal photopolymerizable adhesive ( bonding )

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5th generation one-component, universal photopolymerizable adhesive ( bonding ), "total etch" technique, in two stages.


Due to the almost neutral pH ( 4.6 ) it is compatible with any composite, including self-polymerizing composites and dual-cure cements ( as opposed to self-demineralizing adhesives ).


Does not require additional activator!

 ONE-STEP's formula contains BPDM ( dimethacrylate biphenyl ) - a hydrophilic monomer with two phenolic nuclei to increase intramolecular freedom and increase adhesion forces.

 ONE-STEP PLUS is loaded with glass microparticles, which improves manoeuvrability and adhesion, requiring the application of a small number of layers.

Direct composite restorations, desensitization of preparations before impression / temporary restoration, cementing of indirect restorations ( metal, porcelain, composite ), amalgam, composite blunt restorations, porcelain repairs, composite repairs, direct veneers ( metal / mixture composite ), root desensitization


- Adheres to various substrates

- Compatible with phot, self or dual-cure materials ( without requiring additional activators )

- Provides complete adhesion of the restoration, due to the reduced thickness of the layer ( approx. 10µm )

- contains glass microparticles, which help reduce postoperative sensitivity

Presentation: 6 ml bottle

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