Teethmate Desensitizer Intro Kit


a unique desensitizer with hydroxyapatite precipitation

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This material is the first densensitizer that offers a real solution for treating dental sensitivity. Kuraray Noritake created this product to produce the hardest mineral in the human body - hydroxyapatite (HAp).

The newly-created mineral is biocompatible, behaving as if it were produced by the patient's own body. But how is the production of HAp possible? It all lies in the right proportion of calcium and phosphate ions and the right pH, all achieved by special technology developed by Kuraray Noritake Dental.


Thus, tooth sensitivity can now be treated with confidence by closing dentine canals and cracks in the enamel.

Proven effectiveness:

In a study conducted by Kuraray Noritake Dental, Japanese doctors were asked to assess the effectiveness of this product. Out of 285 participants, 92% were satisfied with the effectiveness of the material.

Teethmate Desensitizer can be used to close exposed dentin and also before and after tooth whitening procedures.

Studies have shown that the application of this product is effective and closes dentinal tubules, reducing the movement of dentinal fluids and therefore reducing hypersensitivity.


The product is very easy to use: just mix the powder and liquid for 15 seconds, apply the resulting paste on the sensitive area (one or more teeth), wait about 30 seconds, then rinse gently with water.



- The first desensitizer that creates hydroxyapatite.

- neutral in taste and gentle on tissues

- is easy to apply

- is invisible and long-lasting



- treatment of dentin exposed by toothbrush abrasion due to gingival recession, periodontal disease and/or acid erosion

- treatment of tooth surfaces before and after whitening

- treatment of dentine prepared for fillings and/or prosthetic restorations

The product does not affect the bond strength of dental restorative materials, which is a great advantage for dentists.


Kit: powder 1.2g, liquid 1.0ml, mixing wells, dosing spoon, applicator

Intro kit can be used for 30 applications.

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