Clearfil SE Bond 2 kit


Universal, 2-step, light-curing, self-etch bonding system

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What is the difference between Clearfil SE Bond 2 and the original Clearfil SE Bond formula?

Clearfil SE Bond 2 can be classified as a universal adhesive. A new integrated photo chemical initiator produces more free radicals during light curing, which gives a higher conversion rate of the MDP monomer, creating a strong bond. When used in combination with Clearfil DC Activator, a very thin layer (3-5 microns) is formed, the ideal thickness for use with resin cements when cementing prosthetic work.

Clearfil SE Bond 2 is a self-etching, light-curing, universal, 2-step adhesive system that offers the same post-operative sensitivity reduction advantages as its predecessor, Clearfil SE Bond. The "gold standard" is now a truly universal adhesive, ideal for direct and indirect applications.

The Clearfil SE Bond 2 adhesive system consists of a self-etching primer (aqueous solution), which ensures simultaneous treatment of enamel and dentin, and an adhesive containing the MDP monomer, an innovation patented by Kuraray.

Universal applicability

CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 consists of a light, selfdemineralising primer with low technical sensitivity and a light-curing adhesive with high sealing capacity.For all direct indications, the two components are applied in the usual way.For bonding of bridge restorations and indirect restorations, CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 bonding agent is mixed with only one drop of the additional component, CLEARFIL™ DC Activator. This provides a secure, long-lasting bond to bonding restorative composites such as CLEARFIL™ DC CORE PLUS and adhesive resin cements.


Direct procedures:

- Adhesive bonding of direct restorations made of light-curing composite resin.

- Cavity sealing as pre-treatment for indirect restorations

- Treatment of exposed root surfaces and hypersensitive teeth

Accelerated curing for durable sealing

The innovative curing technologies in CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 ensure rapid curing of the adhesive and the creation of a durable seal, whether used alone or in combination with CLEARFIL™ DC Activator. Accelerated light curing is based on the innovative light curing initiator in the adhesive. Self-curing acceleration is achieved by a catalyst that initiates polymerisation of the cement or bridge restoration material as soon as it touches the adhesive and activator mixture. Both procedures result in a hermetic and durable marginal seal.

Create the perfect film thickness

Cementing workflow can be simplified by replacing the cementing primer with CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2. Mixing BOND products with CLEARFIL™ DC Activator results in the perfect film thickness. This is an important prerequisite for precise adaptation of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.

Quick and easy application

With CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 no separate acid demineralisation or rinsing time is required. In addition, less attention has to be paid to the moisture level of the surface. The risk of over-wetting or over-drying of the preparation is very low compared to, for example, wet adhesive systems. This leads to reduced sensitivity to the technique and simplified application compared to etch-and-rinse adhesives.





- safe, fast and easy to use

- minimal post-operative sensitivity

- effective marginal sealing for protection against micro-leakage

- high bond strength on dentin, enamel, metals and ceramics due to Kuraray's patented monomer - MDP

- the "Intelly Case" canister is used for perfect dosing of materials and to avoid direct contact of the substances in the vials with the skin, eliminating the risk of allergies


- direct restorations made with composites or light-curing composites

- cavity sealing, as a pre-treatment for indirect restorations

- treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces

- intraoral repairs of fractured crowns made of ceramic, hybrid ceramic or light-curing composite resins

- surface treatment for prosthetic work in ceramic, hybrid ceramic or composite resins



- 1 x Primer bottle 6 ml

- 1 x Bond bottle 5 ml

- 2 x brush applicator handles

- 1 x mixing accessories cup

- 1 x "Intelly Case" for applying glue from the bottles

- 2 x disposable applicator brush tip sets (50 pcs)

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