DIAGNOdent Pen 2190 KaVo refurbished


Wireless device for detection of caries 

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DIAGNOdent Pen the most technologically advanced and recent KaVo device used for determining pathological modifications of dental structures. Practical and useful for caries and cavities diagnosis, even incipient or hard to detect cavities through other means.

DIAGNOdent measures dental tissues fluorescence through a laser beam. This 655 nm cutting-edge technology helps detect early and incipient caries and cavities, from tears and fissures, but also on smooth tooth surfaces. Clinical trials have proved a high accuracy for this device as well as result reproductivity.

Measurements made, alongside conventional means of diagnosis, help understand the choice of the best treatment method: monitoring the evolution of the treated area, preventive treatment or minimal invasive restauration. DIAGNOdent Pen identifies caries formed on smooth surfaces, in more difficult to reach places, proximal caries, periodontal plaques. Rezultatele sunt afisate pe ecran si pot fi citite si interpretate cu usurinta.

+ Compact - doar 210mm lungime

+ Fara fir, asigura mobilitate si manevrabilitate

+ Usor de utilizat

+ Detectie precisa a tesuturilor carioase: rata de succes 90%!

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