Luxatemp Plus 50ml bulk


Bisacrilic material for direct, long lasting temporary crowns and bridges

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Luxatemp Plus 50ml bulk
Colour: A1
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Luxatemp Plus 50ml bulk
Colour: A2
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For temporary crowns and bridges:

For long-term temporary restorations.

Rapid healing.

High fracture resistance.

Available in various shades.

Luxatemp Star is made of a bis-acrylic material. It has a high resistance to breakage, it is a very flexible product, it gives stability and high durability.


Characteristics : 

Increased breaking strength and bending strength.

They provide greater stability and durability.

It requires less waiting time, thus providing more comfort for the dentist.

It is particularly suitable for temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays.

Provides higher initial hardness.

Immediate adaptation.

Compatible with DMG 50 10:1 applicator gun

Available shades: A1, A2

Presentation: automix refill cartridge 76g + 15 applicator tips

Packaging: bulk

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