eCEMENT System Kit


The only kit you need to cement any ceramic restoration containing lithium disilicate!

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eCement is a resin cement system designed to simplify the placement of lithium disilicate restorations. This system contains both a light-curing and a dual-cure resin cement, allowing the clinician to cement all types of lithium disilicate ceramic restorations.

The eCEMENT system can also be used for the cementation of veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, 3-element CAD-CAM blocks made of lithium disilicate.

Universal, versatile - Compatible with veneers, crowns and bridges, including lithium disilicate CAD-CAM blocks.

Easy removal of excess material - Easy to use - Excellent handling

Thin-layer application - ensures good restoration retention

Multiple shades of light-curing cement - natural-looking restorations - superior aesthetic qualities

Excellent physical properties - restoration will withstand daily wear and pressure

Radiopaque - increased radiographic visibility


set eCEMENT:

- eCement Light-Cured:


1 syringe 4.5g eCEMENT photo cement, Translucent shade.

1 syringe 4.5g eCEMENT photo cement, Milky Bright shade

- eCement Dual-Cured: 1 syringe 8g (base+catalyst) eCEMENT dual-cure cement, shade A1

- All-Bond Universal: 1 bottle 6ml All-Bond Universal adhesive

- Porcelain Primer: 1 bottle 3ml Porcelain Primer

- Porcelain Etchant: 1 syringe 5g demineralising acid 4% Porcelain Etchant

- Select HV Etch: 1 syringe 5g demineralising acid Select HV ETCH


Evaluation of the eCement system:



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